“Palm product’s fruit of civilized country”

For a long time it was thought that the oldest civilization in the world was the Sumerian in Iraq, but the discovery of a ziggurat (temple) aged over five thousand years, finding the Stone craft works, as well as the brick inscription of unknown writing in Jiroft ) Alluvial area in the south-western end of the Zagros mountain range) Led archaeologists to rethink their earlier claims about civilization. At the time it was discovered that there was an older and wider civilization than Mesopotamia Studies also show that Jiroft was the largest commercial center Explore the world. Climatic conditions in Jiroft and the variety of crops helped shape the region’s civilization in the ancient world which was paradise. Fertile soil and water resources also rich alluvial plains is a good environment to farm different types of citrus and palm as well as various cucurbit crops and because of soil quality and perfect sunlight we have unique delicious products. One of the dates harvested in this region called kariteh, kaliteh or kalouteh. The date with dark brown skin and the flesh is soft and very tasty makes it gourmet which can be used as dry dates and date , size of the fruit is between 2.5 to 3.5 cm in length and humidity between 14 to22 percent depending on the time of harvest varies.


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