The sweetness, large size, delicate skin and juicy flesh of Parvin makes it the best of all types of Mozafati date. Our Parvin date is grown and harvested at Bam, Baravat and palm gardens located in Northern and Northwestern suburbs of Bam.
Color: quite black
Size: 35 to 45 mm
Moisture content: 22% to 25
Count per pound: 34 to 32
The best storage temperature: 0 to 5 ° C
Storage: The date can be stored up to 18 months in freezer condition if no change is made in storage temperature. Any sort of thermal shock will remarkably reduce the shelf life of Parvin date. Moreover, maintaining them for over 5 days at temperatures above 15 ° C may cause souring and mold growing in the dates. In case of thermal shock, sugar contain of the dates will be crystalized, a phenomena which is called “crystallisation”. Despite the sour or moldy dates whose consumption should be avoided, the date with sugar crystal doesn’t harm the consumer’s health.


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