“Souvenir of the ancient land of Sistan”
Land of Sistan and Baluchistan in southeastern part of Iran near the Gulf of Oman, fertile and ancient ,Many historical events occurred in this region or has the roots in this land. Legendary hero Rostam, the brave heart men of shahnameh, was from this region. Mount Taftan, a burnt town built back in more than 5,000 years of civilization and Lake Hamoon are the landmarks of Sistan. The dates grown in this land called “Rabbi,” Rabbi dry dates are very tasty and delicious but due to excessive sensitivity and vulnerability, People of Sistan cover the date’s bunches at a time when they are still raw with woven bag made of palm leaves they leave them on the palm tree until it becomes dates and 100% out of its dried stage, since all of this procedure taken place on top the tree, these dates are very good source of nutrition and full of fructose and minerals. Then cut those clustering with protective cover send to the plant for process of washing and grading. To summarize this date has placed the essence of sun and sistan’s soil nutrition inside itself. We sell this Rabbi date under the registered brand name of Hamoon, after going through the process of washing and grading, and packing supplies.

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