Delightful and delicious
Mozafati Dates are one of the tastiest and desirable types of dates in the world. This is often suited for fresh consumption and is the most popular variety of fresh dates for snacking and table eating
With fascinating black color and moisture between 15% and 35%, depending on harvesting time and region, this date has a huge annual yield and accounts large portion of date consumption in Iran internal market.
“Bam Date” is another name to call Mozafati. The reason for naming the date after Bam is that the best and most delicious dates of Mozafati is grown in the city, located on south east of Iran. The palm cultivation in Bam city and suburbs is about 28 thousand hectares from which 5 hectares of palms are non-fertilized young palms. In total, 120.000 tons of Mozafati are annually harvested from the lands in Bam. Kahnooj and Jiroft in Kerman, Iran shahr and Saravan in Sistan and Baluchistan are the other regions for harvesting this variety of date.
As Amirkabir Borna Factory is located at a 10-kilometer distance from the eastern part of Bam, which is the center of growing Mozafati date, the company has made numerous efforts to process, grade and package this date, calling it as the signature brand. Packaging the fruit at the center of harvest makes Borna Mozafati date remarkably distinguished among other brands.
Borna Company’s Mozafati dates are graded by size and quality into seven distinctive categories, all of which are labeled with different names.

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