Samin date is a very good quality of Mozafati dates harvested from eastern and south eastern gardens of Bam’s suburb. The date’s rrelatively medium size, controlled moisture, resistant skin and high durability for transportation outside the fridge, for the purpose of distribution and export, are the key features of this variety. It also has the good taste of Bam Mozafati dates.
Fruit Color: Black
Fruit size: 30 to 35 mm
Moisture content: 16% to 20%
Count per pound: 45 to 48
The best storage temperature: 0 to 5 ° C fixed.
Storage: In case no changes is made in the storage temperature, Samin will be well maintained up to two years. Given the low humidity of this date and thickish skin, the date is quite resistant to thermal shocks. The duration this date may be stored in fridge is longer than other types. It is also possible to keep the date at a temperature of 15 ° C for up to one month.


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