“Delicate and tasty”
One of the good varieties of dates grown in Iran is in south and southwest of the country, because of its mild sweet taste and the tenderness of this date and sweetness makes it important consumption product of the area, that means that the farmers choose this date for their daily use and you can find it in every single home, the local farmers with different accent use different local name for this type of date such as khasoie or khosi, our company presented this type of date under the brand name of Negin. Negin date is categorised in small size date’s classification, their length is between 1.5 to 2 cm and it’s more oval shape with dark yellowish or light brown color depending on cultivated site. Negin date is suitable for those who does like less sweet dates, whoever have one of this date wants to have more, They mentioned about many nutritional properties of many of the that we recommend you to go visit information located in this site.

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