“The most famous dried dates”

Bright golden color, glossy and beautiful skin, mild sweet taste, delightful sweetness and its astringency characteristic make Zahedi date being remarkable in date’s categories. You can find this type of date in every palm farms and very well-known among date consumers, suitable for those who does not like very sweet dates. the best dates are harvested in the South East of Fars and Bushehr. The local people of these areas call it ghasb. Quality type of this dates are 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm and its dimension is about 2 cm. Grade one dates shall be healthy and tube shape with non broken skin with good quality texture. Iranian ghasb date has good flesh and about 14% moisture content, than it is categorised in good dates. Zahedi date, after washing and grading in a clean processed, packed in different packages and distributed by our company.