Maryami Dates
“The most delicious semi-dried dates in the world”
There is an area in southern part of Iran, northern point of Hormozgan province, right in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains region, where Piarom date, the most delightful and delicious semi-dried dates is harvested. Piarom palm trees are planted on the slopes of mountains and irrigated by water coming from the designed creek at various levels in the area. The palms are growing organically, and it does not use any chemicals in the process. These dates are dark brown-skinned and since that the skin and the flesh part of the date is completely stick together, looks nice and desirable. It also comes with complete washing process since fructose is the main sugar found in them it makes metabolism easy and quick it is a very good substitute for sugar as an authorized glucose consumed by people with diabetes and Those who have once have this dates they will become permanent consumer of it because its taste is very good with good appearance and its other nutrition properties.
AmirKabir Borna Company sells this processed and packaged date under the registered brand name “Maryami. Also we provide variety of pitted and unpitted dates to be stuffed with walnuts, pistachio, almonds or cashews and variety of dried fruit under complete healthy method which is natural delicious and nutritious products.

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