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پسته شرکت برنا

Pistachio, from dark fruit trees of Pistachio Vera (Anacardiaceae) based on historical botanists reportedly, first grown in Iran and Turkey. Pistachio is a Persian word and came from the Latin language into European and Arabic languages. Iran is the world’s largest producer of pistachios and world’s finest and most delicious pistachio products, so that the taste of Iranian pistachios are very much different from the world’s second largest producer of pistachios, United States of America, difference is non-negligible.
Based on historic evidence, caravans of merchandise or gifts from Iran delivered to the distant lands and ancient Rome, pistachio, was the most precious gifts among kings. The main growing regions of pistachios in Rafsanjan , Damghan, Yazd, Sirjan, Kerman and Khorasan and pistachios harvested in each of these areas has its own flavor and color and quality of fat.
The world’s pistachio harvest is currently about one million tonnes and China buy about 80,000 of the world’s largest consumer of pistachios than The United States of America and Russia with approximately 45,000 tons 15,000 tons , and India 10,000 ranks second to fourth respectively.
Important varieties of Iranian pistachios contain Owhadi (Fandoghi), Kalleghoochi, Akbari, AhmadAghaiee and badami and each of them has its own characteristic taste and nutritional properties. Kalleghuchi and Owhadi pistachios are round shape and AhmadAghaiee, Akbari and badami pistachios are classified in oval shapes.
Pistachio fruit that grows in clusters on tree branches, after taking the clusters from trees in the shortest possible time transferred to the pistachio processing terminals to peel the fresh and a beautiful velvety skin. Because remaining the pistachio In this case, cause the growth of fungi (Aspergillus) that are part of the mold and the mold produces a toxin that is harmful aflatoxin in pistachios and it is dangerous for health. The separation in time, washing and drying the skin fresh and healthy pistachio nut will prevent the creation of aflatoxin and other contaminants. Pistachios usually are used directly (raw or roasted, with or without salt or by adding certain spices and flavors like lemon and saffron). Also, used in preparing food and sweets and desserts such as pudding, baklava, Gaz, filing, ice cream, chocolate, biscuit and many kinds of other foods. Pistachio with its own pleasant flavor has lots of benefits that add more valuable taste to the food is prepared with pistachios. Pistachio butter is also pleasantly welcomed by consumers of food products. Pistachio and honey smoothie is good to recover physical strength and power which highly recommended for athletes.