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بادام هندی برنا

The origin of Cashew trees are in Brazil and South America which after the discovery of America by the Portuguese, was taken to other parts of the world. Now a day Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Indonesia, respectively are the five countries which are main producers of cashew. South west of India is one of the the major area to harvest the cashew.
Due to its unique flavor, cashew is one of the most popular nuts among the people in the world. Besides the pleasant taste of cashew, its nutritional value is very high too. One of the richest sources of copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins A and E and is also considered as a rich source of vitamin K.
Since unsaturated fatty acids found in cashews are quick air-oxidized, so to keep the nuts fresh, packing has very important role. Our company provides best quality of cashews in packages which are non-contacted with atmospheric oxygen .