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بادام زمینی برنا

Almonds are one of the most widely used and best known types of the nuts. According to many experts, Iran is the origin of the almond tree. Than expanded to the central and western Asia, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and Turkey. Currently, the largest Almond-producing countries in the world are the United States of America and Spain. But the best and highest quality of sweet almond, also known as the Iranian almond, grows in Iran. Good taste, elegance of the nuts, amount of fat and size are the characteristics to determine the quality of the almonds. The most famous native Iranian almond are mamaiee, Rabi, white, Manqa is that each of them has slight difference of color and flavor and fat content and appearance with each other. Almonds are rich in minerals magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper, as well as a rich source of vitamin E and other types of unsaturated fats, which they cause reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing and reducing consumer cardiovascular diseases they. Presence of antioxidants in almonds prevents the growth of cancer, as well as a variety of fresh ingredients in almond will help you have shiny skin a lot. Almonds are an excellent source of vitamins B, folic acid, and always recommended to be used by pregnant women and growing children.
The amount of protein in 100 grams of almonds is an average of 20 grams, which are the best sources of protein among the foods. Our company has a variety of raw almonds, and roasted with salt and natural flavors like lemon, offered in different package.