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Fresh date | Everything You Need To Know

The date is one of the most popular fruits that is daily consumed by many people. This fruit is found in different types and can be used in different forms. Fresh dates are delicious and full of nutrition. It is grown in tropical and subtropical regions and is supplied by various companies in markets. With more than half a century of experience in this field, Borna Company is one of the most reliable companies supplying the product, which exports more than 80% of its food products to other countries, reflecting the high quality of the food products, in particular, date.

This section presents details on the fresh date and its different characteristics. 

The appearance of fresh date

In comparison to other types of dates, the fresh date is more popular among Iranians because of its high moisture. Fresh dates are often dark in color, which can be easily distinguished among other dates in the market. The sweetness of fresh dates may be different in different regions; however, this type of date is generally considered in the category of sweet dates and has a unique flavor and taste.

Fresh DatesHow to store fresh dates

 If you are among people who emphasize the consumption of fresh dates in your diet, you have probably encountered the problem of storing fresh dates but you did not have enough information about the storage method of this fruit. It is very important to keep the dates fresh with their properties. Here, we will present the respective considerations for storing fresh dates.

In general, it can be said that dates should be stored at room temperature, but if you want to keep dates for a longer time, you should keep them in a closed container in the refrigerator so that it preserves their moisture and does not spoil due to the cold atmosphere of the refrigerator. However, it should be noted that fresh dates are usually more difficult to store than dried dates because keeping the moisture and freshness of these types of dates is more vital than dried dates. Moreover, due to the higher moisture content of such dates, they are exposed to spoilage faster than other types of dates.

Dried dates are easier to store, especially in large quantities.

How to store fresh datesStoring dates in cans or plastic bags

As mentioned earlier, the best way to store dates is the use of a glass jar with a lid but, if necessary, you can also use zippered plastic bags to store, in which case the storage time of dates in plastic bags should be specially considered because long-term use of plastic bags for storing the foodstuffs can be dangerous to human health. Besides, you should remove as much of the air in the plastic bags as possible because it accelerates the spoilage process of dates. 

Storing fresh dates in the refrigerator

Unlike dried dates, which are often stored indoors, moist, fresh dates should be stored in the refrigerator. Since fresh dates have higher moisture than other dates, they are more likely to grow microscopic organisms and bacteria than other dates, and thus they must be stored in the refrigerator in case of longer storage. Therefore, the good flavor and taste of the dates will preserve, delaying the spoilage and sourness of the dates.

 Storing fresh dates in the freezer

 If you properly store fresh dates in the freezer, their shelf life can last up to a year. The shelf life of dried dates is several times that of fresh dates. In case of proper storage of dates in the freezer, you can store them for about a year. However, it should be recalled that the consumption duration of semi-dried and dried dates is much longer than fresh dates, so dried dates should be chosen for long-term storage. In case of the use of frozen dates, you should put them at room temperature to defrost the dates for about three hours before eating. Furthermore, you may doubt the expiration date of fresh dates as well as their spoilage. In this case, you should pay attention to the date flavor. If the taste has changed or is sour, you should avoid its consumption because it is a sign of spoilage. If you do not have enough time to defrost the frozen dates, you can put them in a bowl of hot water and eat them after 30 minutes.

Fresh Dates

Nutritional value of fresh dates

There are different nutrients in every 100 g of fresh dates. There is also a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, and some fat in dates, which will be consequently examined in detail. 100 g of fresh dates contains 1.8 g protein, and 100 g of fresh dates contains 75 g carbohydrates. Its sugar and fat content is 67 g and 0.2 g, respectively. Finally, 100 g of fresh dates contains 6.7 g fiber.

Dates are hot and dry in nature, so include them in your diet according to your nature.

Calories of fresh dates

Fresh dates are high in calories and energy compared to other fruits. A small unit of fresh dates can provide a large part of your daily calories. If you are one of those people who are very sensitive to the calories of their food and control their daily calorie intake for various reasons, you should include dates in your diet and calculate its amount.

In general, it can be said that every dried fruit has more calories than its wet type. For example, raisins, dried apricots, and dried plums have more calories than their fresh fruits because the water in the fruits decreases as they dry. Moreover, the percentage of calories in dates is due to its sugar and its protein content is very low. 

100 g of fresh dates contains about 277 calories and 1.8 proteins.

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Calories of fresh dates

Benefits of fresh dates

This sweet and delicious fruit has many properties that if used properly, you can enjoy numerous benefits of this delicious fruit, including:

Generation of high energy 

Due to the presence of sugar, fresh dates generate high energy so that the energy supplied to the body from them is more useful and healthier than the energy obtained from simple sugars. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consume it instead of simple sugars and sweets, which is both healthier to balance weight and fitness. 

Usefulness for nerve cells

Fresh dates are high in phosphorus, which helps keep nerve cells healthy and function at their best. 

 Proper blood supply

Fresh dates contain considerable amounts of folate, also known as folic acid, which is of high importance for blood supply and hemopoiesis. For this reason, pregnant women are recommended to take supplemental pills in addition to receiving folic acid through food to improve hemopoiesis and blood supply.

Prevention of bleeding diseases or Scorbut

Fresh dates prevent dangerous bleeding diseases due to their vitamin C content. Every normal person needs 60 mg of vitamin C during the day. 100 g of fresh dates contains 14 mg vitamin C; therefore, the right diet can be selected according to this content and take advantage of this date. The presence of vitamin C in fresh dates can also prevent colds, and thus dates are highly recommended in winter.

Prevention of high blood pressure (hypertension)

Since fresh dates contain potassium, they are very useful for preventing hypertension. Furthermore, potassium helps the muscles and nerves function properly. However, people with hypertension should consume a small amount of this fruit every day, and if necessary, consult their doctor. Excessive consumption of fresh dates can have unpleasant side effects for patients with hypertension.


As mentioned earlier, fresh dates are rich in folic acid that is needed for the body to make blood. However, this substance alone cannot meet this need of the body, and substances such as iron and vitamin B6 are vital for blood cell formation (hemopoiesis). This substance is also found in fresh dates, but various foods must be consumed to have a healthy diet. People with anemia or the effects of anemia such as lethargy and chronic fatigue can relatively resolve these problems by daily consumption of fresh dates.

Benefits of fresh dates

Protection of the kidneys and recovery of kidney diseases

Dates can help kidney function because of their nutrients. Patients with kidney problems can consume fresh dates in their daily diet in consultation with their doctor.

Relief of back pain or joint pain

Fresh dates are consumed in traditional medicine to relieve back pain or joint pain; however, some traditional healers consume dates in various forms, such as syrups, each of which has its benefits. Due to the above property in dates, it is recommended for the elderly to include a few fresh dates in their diet daily, because the risk of diseases and joint pain or back pain increases with age.

Weight balance

People wishing to lose or gain weight can consume fresh dates in their daily diet. Regarding the benefits of fresh dates, it should be mentioned that this nutrient helps both weight loss and gain depending on who consumes it and how, because this fruit balances weight. 

Nerve system strengthening

The presence of magnesium and phosphorus in fresh dates strengthens the nervous system; therefore, older people and the elderly can consume this food in their daily diet. Since magnesium is reduced in the brain at this age, its deficiency can be compensated with foodstuffs.

Keeping prostate and kidney healthy

As mentioned earlier, dates are high in magnesium, which directly affects the prostate and kidney health. In general, it can be said that every 100 g of fresh dates contains about 63 mg of magnesium, which can provide part of the daily magnesium needed by each person. 

 Hair and nail strengthening

Dates contain different vitamins, including vitamin A, which can help strengthen nails and hair. This vitamin also makes the hair and nails shiny. Sufficient consumption of dates can also lead to healthy and fresh skin. 

 Prevention of tooth decay

If you wish to keep your mouth and teeth healthy, fresh dates can delay or prevent the process of tooth decay. 

Relief of lung diseases, chronic coughs, asthma, and bronchitis

 It is widely accepted that improper consumption of dates can lead to allergies and be harmful to people with asthma but adequate consumption can relieve the disease. 

Gastrointestinal and nutritional health

Fresh dates are rich in minerals and supply enough energy for the body. For this reason, the date is one of the most reasonable foods to be consumed in the cold season.

Dates have many other properties. For example, constipation, intestinal disorders, cardiovascular problems, and diarrhea are the most common digestive problems. Since dates contain myelin, it can help relieve several gastrointestinal diseases.

Fresh DatesDisadvantages of excessive consumption of fresh dates

Improper and excessive consumption of the fresh date, just as any other foodstuffs, has unpleasant side effects, causing problems for people, some of which are presented here. It should be noted that the disadvantages of this delicious fruit do not mean not eating it, but it should be consumed sufficiently in the daily diet.

Hot nature of the dates

Due to the hot and dry nature of the date, people with a hot temperament may experience itching, liver problems, and sores around their mouths by excess consumption of dates.


In case of observing any blisters on your body, you should limit the consumption of fresh dates for a while. 

High sugar

Since dates contain a significant amount of sugar, people with diabetes should use this fruit more carefully in their diet. For example, daily consumption of two medium dates can be an acceptable option for diabetics.

Herpes simplex 

If you suffer from herpes simplex, you should limit the date consumption because it is high in sugar and leads to high blood sugar. Moreover, since the herpes simplex virus grows more easily despite high sugar, high consumption of dates may worsen the disease.

As the proper consumption of dates can have many benefits, its excessive consumption may conversely damage the liver and spleen or cause tooth decay and pimples around the mouth. 

Where can you buy fresh dates?

Today, you can prepare different types of dates in different packages in most supermarkets and food shopping centers. The fresh date is one of the most common and widely consumed types of dates among Iranians, which can be easily found in various stores. Borna Company, with more than half a century of experience in food products, is one of the best and most reliable companies for providing fresh dates. The Company provides high-quality fresh dates at affordable prices. Moreover, exporting more than 80% of the company’s products indicates the high quality of the company’s dates.

Price of fresh dates

Since our country faces dramatic fluctuations in the price of the products, the exact price of fresh dates cannot be determined. The fresh date’s price is also determined according to the place of date cultivation and the quality of dates, and thus it varies from region to region. In general, it can be said that Piarom dates have a higher price than other types of dates. If you want to buy fresh dates, you can purchase them from Borna Company because of the most affordable price and high-quality dates.

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The best time to eat fresh dates

The best time to eat fresh dates is about a week after purchasing the product. The real flavor and aroma of dates are preserved during this period, and thus we can enjoy maximum advantages of the good flavor of fresh dates. Notably, fresh dates can be consumed after this interval, but the best time is a week, which is considered to be the highest quality dates in the same period. In case of proper storage of the dates, for example, storing them in closed containers and preventing them from being exposed to air, they can be stored in the refrigerator for a month or more. However, one should not expect that dates keep their original flavor after a month and no changes are made in their quality. 

Fresh Dates

Should fresh dates be washed?

Since fresh dates are exposed to contamination and dust, it is best to wash them before eating. However, many reliable companies, such as Borna, wash and disinfect dates before packaging in the healthiest possible way. Therefore, you should wash them before re-consumption to prevent any problems and diseases after eating fresh dates. In general, it can be concluded that fresh dates have become the most consumed and popular type of dates among Iranians due to their delicious flavor and taste. Moreover, dates enjoy many benefits, not all of which can be summarized, but the most important ones have been mentioned in this article. 

It should be noted that despite all the benefits of fresh dates, they should not be over-consumed because of harmful side effects on your health. 

You can prepare the highest quality fresh dates from Borna Company, the quality of which is known worldwide and also offers the most affordable price. 

Should fresh dates be washed