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انجیر شرکت برنا

Ficus tree, from Moraceae family has more than 600 species of trees which are often wild or ornamental species. Fruit trees Karyka ficus used as feedstock. This plant is natively from Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. Egyptians began to cultivate the fig tree 2,800 years ago. Now the world’s largest dry Anjyrstan is in a region of the Zagros Mountains in the Fars province, the city of Asthban, the product remains completely organic. The fruit of the fig tree were mentioned in all heavenly religions, the Bible and Koran the holy book of last messenger of heaven, god was swear to fig and olive.
The fig fruit is highly nutritious and sweet. Figs contain a lot of sugar and also a very rich source of dietary fiber, Lignin is an insoluble dietary fiber which you can find a lot in fig, and plays an important role in prevention and alleviation of constipation.
Figs are a good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins B and C, and A. Fig doesn’t have the suitable sodium, fat and cholesterol, to obtain in weight loss or diabetic diets. Figs are growing in different regions of Iran.But the biggest fig growing areas are at Asthban Fars, Kermanshah, Kerman and South Khorasan. Figs drying process is quite natural, organic and healthy, dried figs are a very healthy and natural products.

Variety of dried figs processed and supplied by our company are as follows:

1-Golden Dried Figs of Estahban:
These figs are growing dry in the surrounding mountains of the city of Estahban. The process of developing these figs are completely natural and organic and drying process is overlay performed by leaving the fresh figs on the tree. The great flavor of figs and its food properties makes them become well loved among the types of dried nuts in the world.
GOLDEN FIG of Estahban are presented in ratings listed below:
A) Super Royal: The fig is very large,Bloomy, bright golden-yellow color, size:27mm, wetness 10%
B) Royal: big figs: semi Bloomy with golden bright color, size 22mm, wetness 10%
C) GRADE one: precious fig, closed, with combination of dark and light yellow color, size:18mm , wetness 10%
D) Wet and compressed figs: made out of good and healthy figs , washed and packed with vaccume. Size:18-15mm, wetness more than 6%