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Dried dates | why you should buy dried dates

Nowadays people that care about their health substitute dates for unnatural sweeteners and calorie-dense choices. Another positive point about dates is they have many choices for people with different tastes to enjoy. Borna has over 50 years of experience in the production and packaging of food products with a focus on different date products like, fresh-dates, soft-dates, semi-dried dates, and dried dates and provides the best products for customers. In the following article, we will explain the matter of dry dates.

The shape and visual characteristics of dried dates

As you know, each date has a specific moisture content. If a date has less than 18% of moisture it is considered dry. Dried dates are stiffer, rot much later, and can be stored for longer periods, specially if kept in a refrigerator.  

Nutritional value of dried dates

Nutrition experts have done many studies on dates and dry dates. The results of these studies usually show the nutritional value of dry dates and fresh dates is the same. Therefore, the difference between these two dates and other dates types stated above is negligible. Like others, dried dates are rich in vitamins, B, A, and C. dry dates are also rich in, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium, and fluorine. 

Additionally, dried dates are rich in carbohydrates and protein and have 2% protein and 75% carbohydrates. Dried dates and dates also have antioxidants, water, polyphenols, plant-fiber, sterols, piperine derivatives, and pectin which makes them an important and nutritious part of a healthy food diet.

Dates provide 20% of your daily fiber needs. The daily needs for other nutrients in dates are:

  • 14% of daily magnesium needs
  • 18% of daily copper needs
  • 15% of daily manganese needs
  • 5% of daily iron needs
  • 12% of daily B6 needs

Most of the energy gained from dates comes from carbohydrates (sugars) along with a slight amount of daily protein needs.

In contrast to dried dates, fresh dates are usually well introduced; Borna manufactures and exports both.

Nutritional value of drid datesDried date calories

Most of the people that consume dates for dieting-related reasons pay attention that dried dates have more calories than the same weight of fresh-dates. 100 grams of fresh dates have 145 calories, and 100 grams of dry dates have 280 calories.

Therefore, we can say a smaller number of dried dates can make you feel full and will have more fiber. These are the reasons why nutrition experts prescribe dried dates.

Benefits of dried dates

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases 

The isoflavone and potassium content of dates are useful for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Dates also lack cholesterol and therefore, help maintain or reduce cholesterol levels which subsequently helps prevent heart attacks. 

Eyesight improvement

Dry dates vitamin A content can help with eyesight-related diseases significantly. It is worth noting that Dates were used as kohl for women and are good for the eyes. 

Improvement of the digestive system’s functions

Dried dates have a laxative that can help with constipation and maldigestion. The soluble and insoluble fiber content of dates along with their amino acids also help food digestion. Dry dates also contain nicotine-like compounds that can alleviate bowel problems, and help improve the function of the digestive system. Constant consumption of dates also helps increase beneficial bacteria which in turn improves the digestive system.

Since dates are full of fiber and potassium they can help with dysentery. Studies also show that dates can benefit stomach cancer patients or stop their cancer from growing.

Iran is one of the countries that is active in planting palms and harvesting first-class dates: Iranian dates

Sex drive restoration

From ancient times mixtures of, dates, milk, and honey were used to restore fertility and sexual drive in men. The estradiol and flavonoids in dates increase the ovum size in women and increase fertility.  

Prevention of osteoporosis

These days people develop osteoporosis at young ages Because of dietary mistakes. Since dates are rich in copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin K, and selenium they can help fortify bones.

Prevention and treatment of anemia 

The dark color of dates does not go unnoticed. This color is in part due to significant amounts of iron in dates which make them a good source of iron. Consumption of dates is therefore good for anemia prevention and treatment of its symptoms like fatigue and low energy. In traditional medicine, daily date consumption is advised for anemic people.


In addition to iron, the high sugar content of dates makes them a good energy source. Daily consumption of dates for highly active people or people that fatigue easily is very useful.

Benefits of dried datesHair and skin health and shine

 The nutrient and vitamins in dates significantly help, fortify, and hydrate skin and hair and help them shine. Consumption of dates prevents skin wrinkling and aging.

Allergy treatment

 it might seem unusual at first that one of the main benefits of dates is the reduction of allergic responses this is because of the sulfur present in this fruit. Sulfur is rarely found in other foods which makes dates an unreplaceable fruit with amazing capabilities.

Bodyweight regulator

It is unbelievable that dates can help with weight loss and gain. This is because it can regulate body weight instead of just changing it in one direction.

Benefits of dried datesSide effects of too many dried dates

Anything used in excess will have detrimental effects. This holds for dates although they are natural and nutritious. In the following texts, we will go over these side effects. 

Stomach issues

Overconsumption of dates can lead to stomach upset. For example, the sulfate in dates can cause dysentery and tympanites. The fiber in dates can also lead to constipation, tympanites, and therefore abdominal pains. 

Allergies and skin irritation

 Dry dates can cause skin irritations like other dried fruits. Because of the sulfate content of dates people with sensitive skin might develop acne. 

dried dates

Asthma attacks

It has never been proven scientifically that dates exacerbate asthma attacks But since careless consumption of dates can worsen allergies people with asthma should be careful about date consumption to avoid any negative outcomes. 

Increased blood potassium

If you have high blood potassium it is best to be careful about dried date consumption since dates are a natural potassium source. Excessive date consumption can increase potassium levels of the blood to a dangerous level that will be extremely dangerous with unpleasant aftermaths. 

Fructose intolerance

Some people have trouble digesting fruit fructose, and cannot absorb the sugar in fruits. This causes, tympanites abdominal pains or other side effects because the intestines of fructose intolerant individuals do not respond well to fructose. If you have fructose intolerance it is best to avoid dates seriously because dates can provide too much fructose for your body.

However, these side effects should not make you avoid dates. But rather we advise avoiding consuming too much and exercising reasonable precautions in your diet. You can purchase the best dates from Borna and enjoy them without worry.

Dried Dates HarmStorage time of dried dates

 Since dried dates have lower moisture content in comparison to other dates. They go bad much later than other dates and can be kept in the refrigerator for long periods without loss of quality. However, dry and semi-dry which have high durability are usually kept at room temperature.  

An important thing to remember is that dates must be kept away from sunlight, heat, and moisture by using glass jars with lids or zip locks. If you are using plastic it is best to remember the amount of time you keep dates in them so you can change their bags frequently because foods kept in plastic for long time frames pose health hazards. Additionally, if you use plastic bags the air should be pressed out of the bag because oxygen speeds up the rotting of food.

As stated earlier there is no need for refrigeration for the storage of dry dates. As these dates have less moisture. Moist dates however require refrigeration. Because the moisture in them can cause the growth of different microbes. Therefore, keeping these dates in refrigerators is a must.

If packaging and storage are done right dates can be stored for up to 3 years. This time increases for dried dates.

In conclusion, it is best not to store dates for long periods and avoid 0 degrees centigrade in their storage. This way dates can be stored for 6 to 12 months. If you wish to keep dates for longer times it is best to freeze them.

Where to buy dried dates 

Since most supermarkets and malls have dates in different packaging and variety, one does not need to wonder about where to buy dry dates from. Borna Company is one of the most reputable food production companies that with more than half a century of experience in the supply of first-class dates, exports more than 80% of its products to other countries. You can buy high-quality dried dates from Borna and fit them into your daily diet to reap its benefits.

Quality dates are produced by Borna and packaged after mechanized measures: Iranian dates producer

Where to buy dried datesDried date price

In general, a price cannot be stated for dry or any dates. Prices fluctuate rapidly these days and different cultivation regions have differing end prices. This means variation between different cities and even within different dates in the same city. 

In general, piarom dates have the highest price which is a dried date. Borna’s prices are exceptional for the pricy dried date category and you can trust the quality of borna’s products.

Do dried dates have to be washed?

Since you can buy a variety of dates in any supermarket Choosing dates is very important. Buying dates with thin skins lacking bad odors is a criterion to consider. Dates should not have small sugar-like grains as this increases the chance of rotting. This is especially important in the case of buying moist dates and if you are buying dry dates you do not have to be picky.

In regards to washing dates, there are differing viewpoints. Some people eat rutabs without washing but we advise you to always wash them.

 As done in borna, Dried dates are usually washed in production lines before packaging and disinfected with novel methods so washing them is not necessary. Some people do not trust this process and wash dried dates themselves since dust and different pollutants can settle on dates and any other food product. Therefore, it is best to wash dry dates with water before consumption. 

A few points should be paid attention to while washing dates. You should always wash dates before consumption because placing them in refrigeration after washing them increases the chance of souring and going bad.

Do dried dates have to be washedBenefits of Dates to sugar

Since we talked about the benefits of Dry dates there is no point in continuing that topic. An additional question might remain since dates are sweet is their consumption the same as sugar?

In short, since the sugar in dates like dried dates is accompanied by fiber and composed of glucose and fructose then consumption of any date type is superior to simple sugars. This does not however justify the overconsumption of dates.

Another advantage of date sugars to unnatural sugars is their easy absorption. This is why in Ramadan it is advised to faster to consume dates when breaking their fast. Because this attribute of dates helps the faster’s blood sugar to return to normal levels quickly without consumption of big meals. It can be said with certainty that other foods are not comparable with dates in this context.

Another question is can diabetic patients enjoy dates and reap their benefits?

Every patient must consult a physician about their diet, but there are generally no complete bans about dates. We advise diabetics to spread their date portion to three smaller portions and eat in three different times. One can rest assured that this type of consumption (dry or fresh dates) will not cause issues for diabetic patients.

As we said date consumption should be controlled like other foods and consuming too much is bad for everybody like the examples mentioned. 

Benefits of Dates to sugar