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خرمای تینا برنا


Delicate texture, delicate appearance

The variety of fruit dates that are harvested in Iran pleases many taste pallets that seek a certain quality and/or texture. There is another variety of date fruit that is produced in the Fars province, Jahrom county and its eastern regions extending to areas of cities of Daraab and Haji Abaad. This particular date fruit is slender with the length of 3-4.5cm, with amber color and moisture level of 14%. This date fruit is known as “Farakaan”. The soft texture is a characteristic of this date fruit although it is not plump. It also has a delicate skin which makes this an important factor for an accurate harvesting time in order to prevent cracked skin. It has a balanced sweetness and it is delightful tasting. It is a great choice for those consumers enjoying a lesser amount of sweetness which allows for more consumption without worries about its sweetness upsetting the throat. The brand name we have chosen for this date fruit is called “Tina”. Tina date fruit has a light color and a translucent skin. We offer this brand in variety of packaging.