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حبه خرما برنا

Pitted Choped Dates

Nutritious date fruits are healthy and harvested and produced in mostly organic methods.

This fruit can boost up your energy especially in the mornings. One of the best usages of date fruit is use of its diced version in the morning cereal. The diced version is also very popular in many food industries such as pastries, chocolate, and dairy products. The diced version can be also an excellent snack on its own or as a sugar replacement for coffee or tea. For the purposes of enjoying these snacks with hot beverages we produced cubed diced versions of the date fruit in sizes of 18-20mm and we refer to this product as “Habeh”. The pure natural fructose in this product makes it a healthy choice among consumers.
The market demand for this product prompted our company to provide and install special fully automated processing machines. We use 1% grade A Iranian rice flour to aid prevention of stickiness of diced date fruit. This process ensures that we produce this great tasting product without affecting its natural taste or nutritional values. Our company presents this product in 5-10kg packaging which is ideal for food industries. We can offer this product in variety of packaging sizes based on demand.


Pitted Date