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Khassui dates | tasty and tender

Most khassui dates or plum dates (they are called so because of their plum-like appearance). Are cultivated in Bushehr province. This date is cultivated in other provinces as well but Bushehr’s Khassui dates have the highest quality.

This fruit grows in foothills. Therefor, they grow well in certain counties like, Kangan, Firuzabad, Asaluye, Ghirokarzin, Farashband, Jam county and other counties and villages in Zagros foothills but the highest quality of Khassui dates are seen in Bushehr. 

Khassui dates or plum dates are the smallest dates  in the world. At full ripeness this date is bright brown.

This date is one of the sweetest dates and also classified in the moist category of dates because of its nectarine nature. The syrup content of this date is so high that if you keep it in a closed container the container will become covered with its nectar.

Khassui dates are not famous in Iran because of a lack of communication about it with consumers. But this situation is changing and people are noticing its value and are consuming it more and more in Iran. Nevertheless, this date is in high demand around the Persian Gulf and European countries. 

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Khassui dates

Khassui dates benefits

  • Regardless of its small size, these dates are rich in Iron, Magnesium and potassium and densely packed with energy. Athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle can benefit the energy portion of this fruit. Additionally, anemic individuals or people with osteoporosis can benefit from eating this fruit. The potassium content of this fruit also helps treat kidney stone formation.
  • If you want to have a healthier immune system and bone structures daily consumption of dates are productive.
  • Another benefit of this date is its high fiber content which is very useful for people with digestive issues.
  • Khassui dates have less sugar than other dates because of their moist nature. It is worth noting that moist and unripe dates have lower sugar contents and the riper they get the more sugar they have. Therefore, people with strict  nutritional diets can benefit greatly from this kind of date.
  • Most of Khassui date’s sugar content is fructose which is available to our bodies as a metabolically active sugar. This sugar content makes consumption of dates for diabetic and high blood sugar people much safer. This date is appropriate for diabetic patients.
  • Khassui dates are used for making different foods like cakes, sweets, biscuits, Traditional and non-traditional foods and its nectar is also used for making health and energy drinks. Khassui dates are also sold as cubes or lavashak in the market.
  • The export of this date is on the rise in Iran which impacts the country significantly.

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Khassui dates

Khassui dates price

A fixed price cannot be given for multiple reasons. This date can be bought as semi-dry or semi-nectarine or nectarine. The nectarine varieties are cheaper than semi-dry dates. Because of its small size this date is also cheaper than other varieties. The existence of many of its many ripeness stages in the market also further exaggerates the price fluctuations. Another exacerbating element is the fact that the economics of Iran is currently unstable. Currently piarom dates are the most expensive in the market but Khassui dates have the closest taste at a cheaper price.

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Negin Dates Delicate and tasty

One of the good varieties of dates grown in Iran is in south and southwest of the country, because of its mild sweet taste and the tenderness of this date and sweetness makes it important consumption product of the area, that means that the farmers choose this date for their daily use and you can find it in every single home, the local farmers with different accent use different local name for this type of date such as “khasoie” or “khoosi”, our company presented this type of date under the brand name of Negin. Negin date is categorized in small size date’s classification, their length is between 1.5 to 2 cm and it’s more oval shape with dark yellowish or light brown color depending on cultivated site. Negin date is suitable for those who does like less sweet dates, whoever have one of this date wants to have more, They mentioned about many nutritional properties of many of the that we recommend you to go visit information located in this site. Negin dates presented in following categories in different packaging:


Negin Dates