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خرمای ناهید برنا


Strength of the field and the power of the sun”

There is a land along the border between Iran and Pakistan, is estimated to be over one hundred kilometers in length and less width. The area is cultivated thousands of Rabbi Palm trees which grown in rainfed and irrigated by seasonal rivers and monsoons, because of that it grows totally organic. Due to certain climate conditions Characteristic of this type of date is less humid and hard in flesh. Since the moisture content in this kind of date is between10% to 12% it makes transportation easier and its shelf life is longer, like in normal temperature (under 22 degrees) you can keep it for more than one year. As well our company’s doing processing operations on certain types of date that can increase its humidity up to 18% and it would be softer. Its length is about 2.5 cm to 3 cm with dark brown color and because of its appearance and texture washing procedure is completed and it is healthy organic product to be presented and packed under the brand name of Nahid.