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خرمای مضافتی سیما برنا

Sima date is from hot and desert climate of eastern Bam and we can classify it on semi dry date’s category, since the circle of the glucose life of this date is completed on top of the palm tree, it makes it to be very sweet and delightful on the other hand due to less water contain on this type of the dates they are very resistance towards changing temperatures. We can easily keep and carry them out of the fridge for six months.

Fruit size: 30 to 40 mm

Moisture content: 12% to 14%

Count per pounds: 52 to 50 pcs

The best storage temperature: 0 to 5 ° C.

Storage: These dates can be kept at a temperature of 0 to 5 ° C for two years and in 15° C  for six months. normal container can be used for transportation.

Packaging: Our Company provide and distributed Sima dates product in packages from 5 kilograms to 10 kilograms. We are pleased to offer variety of packaging due to costumer’s order.