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Piarom date

Piarom dates | the tastiest semi-dry date in the world

One of the most famous dates cultured in hormozgan is maryami or piarom dates. Piarom dates are one of the most valuable dates from an economic and commercial perspective. Since they are exported and are very popular abroad.

Borna is a major piarom date exporter. This company exports more than 80% of its products.

Visual features of Piarom dates 

Piarom dates or maryami dates have a thin skin that cannot be separated from the flesh because they are connected. Maryami dates are classified as semi-dry or semi-moist Iranian dates. piarom dates are dark brown and wrinkled.

these fruits are high in sugar and easily provide sugar needs of a person. This fruit’s sugar is mainly fructose which is good for the body and doesn’t cause a sugar crash like unnatural sugars.

Piarom dates

Piarom dates benefits

This delicious Fruit contains many of the minerals and vitamins a healthy body needs. The nutritional value of this date makes them very popular among different people, especially athletes.

In the following we will list some of piarom dates benefits:

Natural sugar

As we stated these fruits are full of sugar. sugars have about 400 kilocalories in 100 grams of them. 100 grams of piarom dates have 125 kilocalories. Which demonstrates how piarom can help keep off body fat.

Fiber rich

Maryami dates are quite healthy for the digestive system and its functions, as it is rich in fiber. This is another reason as to why it is healthy and should be added to everybodies daily diet.

Dried fruits are very beneficial and delicious, try dried Dates.

Preventing cancer cell formation

You have probably heard piarom dates can prevent cells from turning cancerous, but how? A class of substances called carotenoids exist in dates. These substances are precursors to vitamin A and antioxidants, which both prevent cells from becoming cancerous therefore carotenoids indirectly prevent cancer cell formation.

Enhancement of blood circulation and Hematopoiesis

Folic acid or folate is one of the most effective compounds in regards of hematopoiesis. Piarom dates have a lot of folic acid and help hematopoiesis.  Therefore, this date is beneficial to pregnant women and anemic individuals.

Prevention of hemorrhaging with ascorbic acid

The vitamin c in dates along with other vitamins helps prevent hemorrhaging.

Prevention of high blood pressure

The high potassium content in piarom date prevents high blood pressures and promotes healthy functioning of muscles and nerves.

Fortification of muscles and nerves

Magnesium helps improve nerve and muscle functions. The high magnesium content of Maryami dates help acquire the magnesium needed for the body.

Piarom date

Piarom dates price

Date prices fluctuate in Iran and fixed prices cannot be given. Differences in date prices account for differences in quality and region of cultivation. Another important factor in the end price is general fluctuations in all prices. In general, piarom dates are the most expensive. The reasons behind price differences are listed below:

  • The sensitivity of these dates to the climate
  • Late maturing nature of maryami dates
  • Its similarity to medjool dates which are the most expensive etc.

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Maryami date

The most delicious semi-dried dates

There is an area in southern part of Iran, northern point of Hormozgan province, right in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains region, you can find the most delightful and delicious semi-dried dates which its local name is Piarom. Piarom palm trees are planted on the slopes of mountains and irrigated by water coming from the designed creek at various levels in the area. The palms are growing organically, and it does not use any chemicals in the process. These dates are dark brown-skinned and since that the skin and the flesh part of the date is completely stick together, looks nice and desirable. It also comes with complete washing process since fructose is the main sugar found in them it makes metabolism easy and quick it is a very good substitute for sugar as an authorized glucose consumed by people with diabetes and Those who have once have this dates they will become permanent consumer of it because its taste is very good with good appearance and its other nutrition properties.
AmirKabir Borna Company sells this processed and packaged date under the registered brand name “Maryami”. Also we provide variety of pitted and unpitted dates to be stuffed with walnuts, pistachio, almonds or cashews and variety of dried fruit under complete healthy method which is natural delicious and nutritious products.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Our team at Borna is awaiting to attend to your questions about buying Iranian dates, fresh dates, dry dates and general inquiries about Iranian date producers. We hope to hear from you.

Maryami dates categories:


Royal Maryami


Special Maryami


Pitted Marymi stuffed with nuts and dried fruits


Normal Maryami


Clove Maryami