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rabbi dates

Rabbi dates | delicious and delightful

Rabbi dates or Pakistani dates are the main dates in the Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran. The reason behind the name of this date is that it was introduced to the international market by Pakistan.

This date is very important for the people of Sistan and Baluchestan because it makes major contributes to their economy and gross production and therefore, their life quality. 

The origin of Rabbi dates is from Sistan and Baluchestan. Premium Rabbi dates can be found in Zabul and Iranshahr.

Rabbi date along with Shahani date, Estameran date, Kabkab date and Mazafati date are the most important Iranian dates. 

Rabbi dates color is red during Khalaal, Green during Rutab and Black at ripe Tamr stages. This date is classified as big, meaty and semi-dry. 

This date is famous in Iran and worldwide as the most early maturing date. This date is rich in syrup and because of it’s semi-dry state it must be stored in cool conditions.  

Rabbi dates have a thin skin with a color lighter than Mazafati dates. This date is less sweet than Mazafati dates. Before turning into a semi-dry date, it is tastier than Mazafati date.

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rabbi dates

Benefits of Rabbi dates

  • The fiber available in this date enhances digestive functions and alleviates constipation. Thus, it is recommended for people with digestive issues to add this date to their daily diet. The potassium in dates is also useful for treating diarrhea.
  • The antioxidant levels in Rabbi dates are beneficial for prevention of Atherosclerosis and Thrombus formation.
  • This date is extremely helpful in enhancing sexual health. In the medieval medicine system of Iran, the pollen of these dates is used for treating infertility in men. 
  • The minerals available in Rabbi dates I. e., selenium, magnesium, manganese and calcium increase bone health and prevent easy breaking of bones.
  • This date is full of sugar and potassium which helps maintain blood sugar levels. Therefore, eating 3-5 dates per day will contribute to your daily energy and sugar needs.
  • This date is a high-quality industrial date as well. Rabbi dates are used for making Date sugar, Chocolate, Lavashak, Cookies, Date syrup etc.
  • Rabbi dates can be used as a food supplement to help gain weight and increase energy.
  • The high antioxidant content of this fruit can help treat and prevent cancer.
  • These dates are rich in vitamin A and can help prevent night-blindness.
  • The high iron content in this date is useful for treating anemia and boosting skin and hair health.
  • Dates also have positive effects in prevention of toxification, enhancing hemorrhoid function and brain health and etc.

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Rabbi dates price

Prices have a tendency to oscillate in our country. Therefore, a fixed price cannot be given across large time frames. These dates are no exception to this impediment. Also dates of different origin have different qualities and prices but in general piarom dates are the most expensive in the market and therefore, benchmark the maximum price and every other date type has lower prices.

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Rabbi dates

Hamoon Dates Souvenir of the ancient land of Sistan

Land of Sistan and Baluchistan in southeastern part of Iran near the Gulf of Oman, fertile and ancient ,Many historical events occurred in this region or has the roots in this land. Legendary hero Rostam, the brave heart men of shahnameh, was from this region. Mount Taftan, a burnt town built back in more than 5,000 years of civilization and Lake Hamoon are the landmarks of Sistan. The dates grown in this land called “Rabbi” dry dates are very tasty and delicious but due to excessive sensitivity and vulnerability, People of Sistan cover the date’s bunches at a time when they are still raw with woven bag made of palm leaves they leave them on the palm tree until it becomes dates and 100% out of its dried stage, since all of this procedure taken place on top the tree, these dates are very good source of nutrition and full of fructose and minerals. Then cut those clustering with protective cover send to the plant for process of washing and grading. To summarize this date has placed the essence of sun and sistan’s soil nutrition inside itself. We sell this Rabbi date under the registered brand name of Hamoon, after going through the process of washing and grading, and packing supplies, we have the following types:


Hamoon Date


Pitted Hamoon stuffed with nuts and dried fruits