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Barhi dates

Barhi dates | round, tender and delicious

Barhi dates are originally from Iraq but they are also vastly cultivated in Khuzestan province. This date is known as the best date among the habitants of Khuzestan. This date is also cultivated in Sumar, Dehloran, Ghasr-e-shirin, Bandar lengeh, Borazjan.

Barhi dates mature late in comparison to other dates and are highly resistant to high humidity. This date is yellow and slightly brown (yellow while at Khalaal stage and subsequently turning amber at Rutab stage then light brown at Tamr stage). 

This date is oval and tender therefore, it’s categorized with dates of the same attributes. Another reason behind the popularity of this date is that it can be consumed at Khalaal, Rutab and Tamr stages.

Barhi dates can be used to produce products like date tahini, date halva, date sugar, methanol, date lavashak and confectionaries and pastries. Additionally these dates have high commercial and economic values for Khuzestan and Iran. 

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Barhi date

Benefits of Barhi dates

Temperament adjustment for people with cold temperament

These dates are good for people with melancholic/cold temperaments as they have warm and dry temperaments themselves. Eating 3 to 5 Barhies a day can adjust temperaments. People with warm temperaments should be careful about eating them

Treatment for coughs

Boiling 50 grams of this date in 1000 grams of water will create a tisane useful for reliving coughs and clearing throats given that it is consumed 2 or 3 time a day. This tisane is also useful for back pain or joint aches and kidney problems.

Not all is well dry unless dried dates.

Kidney stone treatment

If Mixed with Fenugreek, these fruits can be useful for relieving kidney stones.

Sex drive

People suffering from low sex drive can mix or boil Barhi dates in milk and cinnamon. Drinking this concoction will help solve their problem.


Barhi dates are a great choice for anemic people. Barhi dates have a high Iron and mineral content. Therefore, this fruit can help anemic people.

Constipation and digestion problems

The high fiber content of this date can help improve digestion problems and constipation.

Stress relief

Barhi dates have a high content of vitamin B that can help improve the nervous systems function and relieve stress. 

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Barhi date

Barhi dates price

Prices have a tendency to oscillate in our country. Therefore, a fixed price cannot be given across large time frames. Barhi dates are no exception to this impediment. Also dates of different origin have different qualities and prices but in general piarom dates are the most expensive in the market and therefore, benchmark the maximum price and every other date type has lower prices.

Barhi Dates Round and soft and tasty

these dates are one of the popular kinds of dates that harvested in almost all countries which palm tree grows, delicacy of texture and good flavor has caused people who have access to this date chose it over other kind of dates. This date is so meaty and delightful and also tasty and delicious we strongly recommended to our customer to try it once. Barhi date is round shape and its length is between 2cm to 3cm, has two type, date with about 22% moisture content and dry date with about 16% moisture content, organic. This date presented by our company in totally washed, processed and packed in packaging with long shelf life.