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Borna Company | manufacturer of dates and nuts in Iran

Borna Company launched with the target of introducing their various products to the domestic sector. The company is engaged in the production and sale of dates and its derivatives. Borna Company has now started its activity in the field of cyberspace. Those interested in consuming dates and their products will be able to easily order the desired products through the Borna store site.

Borna Company has over half a century of experience in selling dates and its products. Food products produced by this company have received over ten different quality and standard marks. Iranian standard, health apple, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP certificates are among the marks received by this brand.


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Products related to the manufactures of Borna Company

In addition to dates, Borna Company also manufactures its products. Foods combined with dates have different tastes and are liked by most people. Bornaco has produced a variety of date products with different tastes in mind.

Date trifle

Among the date products produced by Borna is called date trifle. Trifles covered with rose, sunflower seeds, almonds, poppy seeds, sesame, coconut, and flax-seed are all in one package.

Date cookies

Another product related to dates in Borna is called date cookies. This product has recently been produced by Borna Company and made available to customers. Borna cookie packages include eight cookies and will welcome your guests.

Date Ranginak

Date Ranginak is another product of the Borna store. This product is without preservatives and additives and is offered to customers in attractive packaging. Date Ranginak is free of Trans-fatty acids and is not harmful to health.

These and other products are just a part of Bornaco’s products. Mazafati dates, Salman dates, etc. are other products of the Borna store. Therefore, when buying from the Borna store, you will encounter a wide variety of products.

The long history of Borna Company

Borna Food Company has half a century of experience in the field of food production. The company started its activity by packing various types of dates, and today it has expanded this activity. Preparation and supply of various types of Mazafati dates, nuts with dates, etc. are among the products of this company.

Also, the company was widely welcomed by the people by launching an online store. In this way, people from abroad have also ordered the products of this store. Borna Company has also attracted many customers in different countries by exporting its products.

Activities of Borna Company

Borna Company has specialized staff, quality control laboratories, and half a century of production experience in the field of food products. The experience of distributing food products of Borna store in cyberspace is one of its features. Borna offers its products to customers with guaranteed and consistent quality.

The goal of Borna Company in all fields is to strive to provide healthy, quality products and gain customer satisfaction. Bornaco is a store to offers healthy products and sends its products to customers’ addresses with a quality assurance mark.

Export of Borna products

One of the most significant activities of this company is exporting all kinds of products abroad. The company exported more of its products due to the wide acceptance of people abroad. 80% of Borna date products are exported abroad. Currently, different countries in the world are among the consumers of Borna products.

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Borna Company and fast delivery of products

As mentioned, Borna Company has started its activity in the “cyberspace platform.” By visiting the Borna website, all people from all over the country will be able to order products from this online store. Besides, all the specifications of each date or its products are fully explained.

For this reason, before buying different types of food, customers first get acquainted with its features. Another feature of the Borna online store is the fast delivery of products to customers. After registering their application and paying, the applicants will receive the desired products within a definite time.

Fast delivery of the product and receiving a part of the postage cost show the high speed of this store in handling customer affairs. At each stage, by adding the product of your choice to the shopping cart, the products will be collected and then the cost will be paid.

All products of the Borna store site are sent by Pishtaz post. (In Iran) Pishtaz is faster than regular or custom posts, and customers will receive their products at home immediately. As a result, food will be delivered to you in a short time by ordering from the Borna Company.

One of the most important features of Borna online store is safe paying. For this reason, there will be no worries for the customer about losing money. Before making an online payment, be sure to pay attention to the Borna brand. Payment steps for purchased products are fully shared with you on the Payment Methods page. By reading this page thoroughly, you will get acquainted with the payment steps, and its steps will be done easily.

Site support will also answer your questions at specific times. At any stage, and if you have any questions, please refer to our contact page. On this page, the contact numbers will be listed, and the response will be from 9 to 19 o’clock. (Iranian time)

Our email is also included on this page, and we will respond to your dear customers.

Finally, Borna store is one of the top manufacturers in the field of all kinds of date products. By launching an online store, Borna has made it possible to order a variety of products from all over the country.


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