“Useful and renitent”

Perhaps the best known of dates in Europe and North America is the one grown in the end of the Karun River around Shatt al-Arab. This sweet fruit that its size usually varies between 2.5 to 4 cm calls Estamaran or samaron , those English speaking people who leaved there before call it SAYER, one of the main reason to make it so popular among British people and royal family was because this date has very good percentage of fiber and good quality and its fructose contain. plus, these dates are highly resistant to maintained conditions and high temperature and humidity can make slightest change in quality makes. In addition to above characteristics, the suitability of the date and its soft tissues and other physical conditions we will find that why world’s food industry executives use dates in their products and it is their first choice. This is the date that our company under the trade name of Sina processed and packed. Sina dates typically have about 14% of moisture, after washing and grading processes are presented in the following forms.