“Meaty and energetic”

Those people who are familiar with the geography and history of Iran know Bushehr and Tangistan, Borazjan. Dalaki River comes from the eastern slopes of the Zagros Mountains and flowing into the Persian Gulf and on their way watered down those old palm farms that is filled with kabkab dates.kabkab dates has lots of flesh inside with golden yellow color and very delightful and delicious with natural sweetness, but is very sensitive to the environment conditions and it has very specific way to keep them, So it mostly picked from palm tree by farmers in semi-dried shape because in this case you can keep it for longer time. For example in this situation it is good maintained for one year in less than 15 degree temperatures. This kind of date is 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm and its dimension is about 2 cm to 2.5 cm. Moisture content in this date is vary between dry date with 16% moisture content to date with more than 24% moisture content . Kabkab date are categorised in a well-known dates in Russia and middle Asia. After washing and packaging this quality kabkab date our company presented this natural and organic date under the brand name of Hosna within neat and clean packages with good quality and shelf life.


Fresh Hosna