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AmirKabir Borna, as a well-known brand across Iran, is a company with a quarter century of experience in packaging, processing and exporting dates, nuts and dried fruits. It was established in 2001, with the primary goal of offering a trustable brand for consumers whether inside and outside Iran. After more than one and half decade of activity in internal and external markets, now a days, the registered capital of the company has been raised up by 70K US dollars. Borna products are regularly distributed in internal and external market under the name of Borna. It also operate under the regulations of Food & Drug Administration, Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education. And all aspects of the production, packing and distribution processes are monitored and audited by the agency to ensure safety at every step of the process. In terms of the systematic quality control, the company has the honor to obtain 10 mandatory and honorary awards such as Standard insignia by Iran National Standard Organization, the Healthy Apple Insignia by the Iran Food and Drug Administration, HACCP quality award for food quality control and ISO 9001, ISO 22000 for managing quality of food.


AmirKabir Borna Factory was founded in 2003 in an area with 35000 m2. Located in Arg-E-Jadid Bam (special economic zone), in south east of Iran close to the historical city of Bam, it owes sanitized warehouses, cold rooms and the number one packaging and processing facilities  for all types of dates, nuts and dried fruits, which has made our factory the top modern one across Iran. With about 200 diligent staff, Borna is highly committed to provide a high quality product to the consumers and to pursue a broadening geographic footprint.

Central Office in Tehran

Borna Company’s central office was established in an apartment belongs to the company in 2001. The office which is located in north of Tehran, Farmanieh Street, handles all the affairs related to management, exports, sales and accounting and finance. Currently there are about 20 well- educated, committed and professional employees working at this office.

European Office in Vilnius, Lithuania

Managing the marketing affairs, extending the market reach and facilitating the task of distribution and supply of Borna company’s products in Europe led the company’s management team to establish an office in a European country. Thus, the office opened in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2013.